Event Staffing

Event Staffing

All the way from set-up to delivery

Xenial Events specializes in corporate and hospitality staffing. We do not stop at selecting venues, setting up decorations, managing rentals, and driving cars, rather we immerse ourselves in understanding your company goals and needs, whether the event is a product launch, promotional, annual conference, or large-scale exhibition, and that is to better serve its purpose and tailor solutions to the challenges you face. We also train our staff to control large crowds and unruly guests and provide assistance whenever needed. Assigning dedicated staff means that we stick around throughout the event till after it ends.

Our recruitment process is simple: first, by using our latest digital resources, we pinpoint and source talent in the staffing industry; and second, we manage them properly so that we deliver staff members with a low turnover rate and high support system.

What makes our collaborators stand out?

Our staff provides the professional alternative of “do it yourself.” When dealing with colleagues and customers, our staff responds promptly and follows through on their commitments in a timely manner. That is because we handpick the most competent candidates, and if we don’t, we train those who are keen to become competent. The perks of our multilingual workforce go beyond bridging gaps in communication and towards fostering a diverse and innovative organization, capable of tailoring solutions that are 100%-satisfaction guaranteed. Finally, our support is embodied in our round-the-clock availability that sits all the way through your event till after it ends.

When it comes to hospitality, we come second to none. In addition to our punctuality and outstanding customer service, we take cleanliness very seriously. We turn heads with our perfumed, tidy uniforms and good hygiene, and adherence to a classy dress code. We are also guided by COVID precautions to ensure a safe event.

What Makes Our Services Unique?

Whether your project is short-term or one-off, our freelancers are at your disposal! We brush off any fears centering on the risks that come with keeping full-timers and guarantee you trained workers that deliver above-average service and assistance in fulfillment to your goals.

1. Staffing Leadership

2. Punctual, Dedicated and Prompt

3. Outstanding Customer Service

4. Multilingual Expertise

5. Creative Thinking

6. Round-the-Clock Availability

7. Clean and Good Hygiene

Let Us Be Your One-stop Destination for All Corporate Events Such as Product Launches, Annual Meetings, Conferences, Exhibitions, and More!