Event Permits

Everything starts with an event permit

While you are worried about obtaining entry permission to your event – whether it is in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, or anywhere else within the U.A.E. – team Xenial assembles all the required paperwork and documents needed to make your event come true. This goes for private and public gatherings and functions underneath which corporate events, conferences, exhibitions, concerts, and company meetings are subsumed. Thanks to our deep connections – something we take so much pride in cultivating – and good familiarity with the governmental legal and regulatory frameworks in the U.A.E., we can undertake and – even more – acquaint you with the process of applying for and obtaining DTCM and ADTCA permits. Because obtaining event permits takes time, especially when other relevant authorities are involved (i.e., municipality, police, fire departments, etc.), and depending on the nature of your event and the location of your selected venue, other members of our team will happily redirect your stress away from permitting procedures and towards the micro-aspects of managing your event, like managing venue rental, setting up decorations, and driving cars, among many others.

DTCM Permit (Dubai Tourism and Commerce Marketing): For Events in Dubai

From its name, this permit is required for events held in Dubai. Although this permit caters for crowds of any size, it is restricted to entertainment events, rather those concerning your company and collaborating employees or partners.

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ADTCA Permit (Abu Dhabi Tourism and Cultural Authority): For Events in Abu Dhabi

From its name, this permit is required for events held in Abu Dhabi. Unlike DTCM permit, however, ADTCA permit does not cater for large-scale events. While this poses as a downfall, it ensures a speedier acquisition of the permit. Contrary to DTCM permit, ADTCA permitis required for events beyond the entertainment industry, such as conferences.

Why do you Trust Us with your Event Permit?

Being conversant with the operating governmental guidelines for hosting events is enough to put your heart at ease. This includes obtaining your licenses or tickets and associated fees. While obtaining event permits takes time, we compensate by swiftly responding to your requests and reassuring your worries, and that on any day, including weekends and public holidays, and time, even if it is late at night.

1. Educated about Governmental Legislations

2. High Response Rate