Back Office Support

Customer experience is the new marketing

Because our services sprout from our care to customers’ comfort, we go the extra mile to improve the customer experience at the events we manage. To do that, we offer our services in the back office. Whilst utilizing the latest technology, our staff handles duties in administration, call center, reception, and data entry, to say the least. Our staff is patient, which means you do not have to worry about the tedious task of manually inputting data or attending to the repetitive inquiries about the company mission or, simply, directions at the venue of the event, which our staff knows heartily. Additionally, being attentive to details means that our staff immediately addresses customers’ concerns by providing efficient solutions while being transparent about having their best interests at heart.

What makes our back office support the best of its kind?

While you are busy managing the critical business activities at your event, our staff works hard to remove the “bore” in “labored.” This means they handle the time-consuming back-office tasks with speed and efficiency and, thus, save you money. They are also multitasking administrative professionals that swiftly shift from answering phone calls to organizing and scheduling meetings among many other administrative functions before it snowballs. Because we care about the scalability of your event, we have enhanced our back-office solutions with automation to utilize the latest software to build well-designed databases that are neat and user-friendly. We also equipped our team with talented content-writers and social media specialists that produce and moderate interactive content regarding your event on our different social media platforms, monitor users’ engagement and attend to the comments and reviews given on your business. Finally, and because we value customer insight, our staff takes surveys very seriously to provide you with feedback on the success of your event as well as for improving our internal processes to serve you better in the future.

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1. Time and Cost Efficient

2. Multitasking

3. Technology Savy

4. Content Writing

5. Social Media Monitoring

6. Surveying