Event Registration

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Like with event permits, and thanks to our continuous cooperation with governmental entities in the U.A.E. and partners, we help with your event registration, regardless of the size of the event or the mode of its registration (i.e., online, on-site, or both). With our state-of-the-art technology and friendly staff, we manage the data necessary to secure multiple attendees and, accordingly, send personalized emails for confirmation, track online and offline registrations, and streamline these processes while you take care of the macro-aspects of your event. Coupled with other back-office services, our team overdeliver efficiency and competence.

Event Management - Registration Service

What do our event registration services encompass?

There are two characteristics by which our three event registration services are colored: online and time efficient. Firstly, by streamlining exhibitor tasks and communications ourselves, we eliminate the need for exhibitors to search, match and coordinate back and forth with the right attendees, and keep exhibitors on track with all things related to their events. Secondly, our online and fast technology-based management systems mean that our clients and their guests receive a smooth on-site registration process with utmost ease and privacy. Finally, we deliver paperless registration via mobile devices that guarantee the digital results expected from us whilst saving time and money and boosting the efficiency of event-management processes. Because we want our clients to keep coming back to us each year, we deliver value in the event registration services we provide.

1. Exhibitor Management

2. Onsite Coordination

3. Onsite Visitor Journey