Our Services

While event staffing and management is at the tip of our iceberg, all the magic happens underneath the surface. Learn more about our magic ingredients.

Everything Your Event Needs!

Event Company

Event Staffing

By specializing in recruiting corporate and hospitality staff, team Xenial delivers its comprehensive knowledge about your company goals integrated with their skills to make your event a successful one.

Back Office Support

Guided with our latest technology, our back-office staff operates with speed and efficiency when delivering a wide array of tasks in administration, call-center, reception, and data entry, among many others.
Event Company

Event Permits

While we help you in obtaining your event permit – such as DTCM and ADTCA, other members of our team will happily manage the micro-aspects of your event.
Event Company

Event Registration

Regardless of the size of the event or the mode of its registration, we will help register your event and streamline complementary services while you manage the macro-aspects of your event.

Event Technical Support

With their steely nerves and technical knowledge and experience, our staff are adept at using the latest, top-quality equipment in setting up laptops and scanners, among many other technical support services.